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A centuries-old beam that transforms into a cellar unique in concept and design, branches abandoned by the sea on the beach which become original finishes for extraordinarily contemporary kitchens: this is the magic that takes place every day in the Pacini carpentry shop in Quarrata, we specialize in interior furnishings that are all rigorously “handmade”.

Kitchens, bedrooms, tables, cellars, ideas and projects that take shape strictly in line with the slogan of our house: “We create furnishings that defy time“. The frontier of recovering materials such as ancient beams is the latest challenge of our beloved company which with the current owner Valentino Pacini and his brother Tommaso Pacini has now reached its third generation.

It was his grandfather Guido Pacini who began working wood with great passion when he was just nine years old, later he was joined by his son Pierluigi who specialized in the sixties and seventies of the last century in the creation of custom-made fixtures.

Then on to Valentino who, having had the fortune of working with both, assimilated their great wealth of knowledge and experience in woodworking, translating it into the contemporary world.

And contemporaneity for Pacini Falegnami means focusing everything on the quality and uniqueness of the design and materials used.


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